9 Steps to Good Marketing

05 Feb

Here are your nine steps to good marketing.  

  1. Have a marketing strategy.  It will help you to better understand your business, customers, competitors and, goals - enabling marketing to deliver targeted and successful campaigns
  2. Think about your brand. Does it work? If not or if you need a brand, ask for help to make sure its the best it can be for your business
  3. Data - your customer and contact data is critical to our business and your marketing.  With the advent of GDPR in May 2018, you must make sure your data is securely managed and complaint before you can think about using it 
  4. Website - does your website really do the trick? Does it best represent your business and your brand? Is it regularly updated and is it time for a refresh? The website is a window into your business!  Is it properly supported by SEO, PPC and do you analyse both content and website interaction? You need to, to make it the best it can be!
  5. Social Media - think long and hard about how social media will have a positive impact on your business.  It needs to be managed and used correctly so that you can secure new business and build better relationships with your customers
  6. Customers - before you think about what type of marketing you want to do, think carefully about your customers and how they want to receive information and when.  Understanding which channels suits which audience is really important and will help you to increase engagement
  7. Budget - work within your budget and use cost- effective ways of getting your message out there (i.e. social and digital media channels).  Marketing does not have to expensive but it does need to be targeted, creative and relevant.
  8. Evaluation - keep tabs on what worked and what didn't.  Marketing is all about continual improvement - ensuring that each campaign is the best it can be
  9. Remember help is always on hand.  Marketing can sometimes seem like a minefield but it does not have to be if you are sure of your product / service and its value.  Success comes from understanding your customers, your business and the opportunities that marketing can bring.
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