Brand - what is it good for?

09 Feb

What is a brand? A logo? A tagline? A style? Its all of those things and much, much more.

Some companies make the mistake of picking a logo, plastering it everywhere and then thinking that's branding.  But what lies beneath the glossy artwork is a strategy that pulls together so many different and important elements, each and every one of which influences a brand.

A brand needs to support a holistic view of a business, recognising its success, vision, culture, how it's already perceived and how it wants to be recognised in the future.  It's also influenced by competitor and other established brands so that its unique to a business, best representing what do you do, how you do it and what sets you apart from everyone else.

If you need to launch or refresh a brand, start with your staff.  What do they think? What are the positives and negatives of your company, product and, service and how does your brand look to them? You might think of Jaguar when they think of Ford.........your team who live and breath your business every day can offer real insight that makes all the difference to a successful and not so successful brand. 

Ask your customers too? Don't be afraid to.  They will be delighted that they're important enough for you to ask for their opinion.  Look at brands that you both aspire to and others that you don't, understanding why, and then you can begin to develop a brand strategy.

The brand strategy is what will keep a brand alive.  It's your bible and the creative brief any agency needs to design something that ticks all the boxes.  

The strategy also defines how marketing will launch and reinforce the brand using everything from; social media to PR, campaigns, advertising, brochures & promotional literature, events and internal communication.

When the concept is ready, it needs to be tested by staff and customers so that its supported before launch and even when you flick the brand switch, it does not stop there.  Every brand needs to be evaluated, making sure that it's achieving what you set out to achieve.  With good, creative and strategic marketing, the brand will get out there, influencing the right people with the right messages and soon your brand becomes the beating heart of your business.

If you need a new brand or your brand is a little tired, step away from the logo and think about the bigger picture. A strategy is key.  Communication is crucial.  A brand that becomes part of your companies DNA is what you need to achieve and Caper Marketing can help you achieve just that.

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