Brexit? What Brexit?

11 Apr

With Brexit now potentially rolling on for up to another six months it's easy for some business to put their marketing plans on hold and protect what they have.  That's understandable.  So much uncertainty and lack of direction might make the very best of us feel uneasy , digging our horns in, not wanting to spend money on our business until we know what's what. But this period of transition could work to your advantage.

Some businesses are choosing to fly in the face of Brexit.  They are continuing to push their business forward, establishing new audiences and opportunities as the UK enters a new chapter in its long and varied history.

Sometimes with uncertainty comes opportunity and for some of us, now is the time to push forward plans for expansion, delivering new products and services into voids that may be left by international suppliers that will find it difficult to trade with us in the future.  Indeed, some businesses are refocusing their energy into the UK market rather than looking further afield, tapping into new business and new routes to market that may have been disguised before.

For any organisation that wants 'business as normal', growth and better customer engagement, now is the time to think 'Marketing' and plan for what could be a bright future.  That's obviously not the case for all - only time will tell but some good must come from Brexit and perhaps it will enable businesses to refocus, returning to the 'good ole days' when the UK had a long list of thriving industries and local supply chains that made the economy so great.

If you have a business that wants to thrive, but needs direction, support and advice, contact Caper Marketing on 07808 197520.  There may be some fences to jump along the way but there may be a winners middle at the end!

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