Data. What data?

03 Mar

Most businesses throughout the UK were affected by the changes in Data Regulation when GDPR came into force last year and although there may have been panic across the land, there has always been a need to make sure customer and contact data was managed, secure and compliant.  But, its a sad reality that many businesses didn't or don't give much thought about data - even though its one of the most important business tools they have.  It offers a critical insight into customers, their buying behaviour, location and how often they procure services whilst highlighting potential audiences who should know who you are but don't.

This insight will help to segment data - using it to deliver multi-channel communications to the right people, at the right time, with the right messages, using the right channel, helping to increase sales, brand exposure and making your customers feel important. 

There are still probably a number of Excel spreadsheets knocking around that hold information about the people that have bought your products and services, including personal information about them which needs to be protected.  So if all of this critical information is either in a document or in your head, it needs to be centralised, protected and managed.

There are plenty really cost effective cloud based CRM (database) systems out there that businesses can take advantage of.  It's easy to import data and if you need help to cleanse, categorise and manage the data day to day, help is at hand. Then once it's happily living in one place, you can make sure you use it properly to achieve data compliance (the rules are different for B2B & B2C audiences as well as by which method you contact customers and contacts), adhering to GDPR and new changes to digital and social media that will come into effect within the near future**.

You need to understand the data you hold and the power it has to help you better engage with the people that matter the most to your business and its future.  It's not just a list of names but a list of opportunities so don't ignore your data and make sure it works as hard as it should for your business.

If you need help to understand, manage and protect your data, contact Caper Marketing on 07808 197520.

** For more information on GDPR visit the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) website - click here.

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