Messaging - What's that all about?

21 Sep

You might hear marketers like me talking about 'messaging' and wonder what it's all about?  

Messaging plays a critical role in all content - it's fundamentally making sure that the right information is being sent to the right people, in the right way and at the right time!

It's about core statements you want to make about your product(s), services and brand that will entice people to pick up the phone or drop you an email.  It's the keywords that sum how you can help and why, making it clear about why buying from you is the best idea they've ever had.  But, and there is a big but, messaging is a science that can't be underestimated and used incorrectly, can cause damage to your brand. 

From the very outset, first and foremost, think about their need, why they need it and how you can help.  Think about their company values and how it's a good match with your own. Think about the added value you can bring and how a product or service would be delivered.  Think about the present and future opportunity, aligning what you do with any future need.  Whatever you do, don't just talk about you, your business, what you offer and how fabulous you are. Although its important to get those points across, they need to identify all of that with your understanding of what's important to them. 

Think about the way you are going to get those messages across and how the people you want to talk to the most will best engage with you.  Will it be via social media, e-campaigns, telephone, events, website? Whatever the channel, the messaging needs to reflect their need alongside your solution.

Also bear in mind that some messaging can be different dependent on what channel you are using but the basics are the same.  Messaging can be shortened if you are using Twitter but longer if you want to produce a brochure.  The core facts about your proposition can also change dependent on who you are talking to. As an example, what you would say to a Marketing Manager might be different to a Finance Director - your product or service will be the same but they may need different messages to persuade them to sign on the dotted line. 

Whichever channel you are using to engage with prospects and customers, think about them first and then 'set out your stall'. It's the key to effective engagement, increased sales and long term relationships.  Get the messaging right and the rest will follow. 

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