Social Media and Marketing: 2019 and Beyond!

13 Feb

Social media is great for bringing us new friends, old acquaintances and introducing cat videos into our lives. For businesses, it has become a wallet-friendly way of reaching more potential customers and engaging them with call-to-action content. Yet, is the landscape of social media marketing shifting? How do we make the most of this sole strand of marketing? These are the main questions we will be addressing today.

Are We Post Social Media Posts?

There is no doubting the power that social media has and what it can do for businesses. Yet, we have to ask ourselves if social media marketing is running out of steam in some situations? It is possible that even though it remains a form of marketing that most businesses should not neglect, it may not have the influence it used to have.

It could be argued that the recent scandals and court cases linked to breaches of privacy and uncontrolled content on these platforms have caused people to lose trust in social media. Those scrolling through feeds may be more likely to think twice when seeing an advertisement or a post from a business. This is why your content needs to be even more effective.

It could also be argued that a lot of social media marketing is not the most effective for business-to-business marketing. Unless CEOs and managers are spending a lot of time watching those cat videos and other content popping up on their feeds, businesses are on social media, including the likes of LinkedIn, to promote - and not to buy or network.

How to Make Social Media Marketing Still Relevant?

Social media marketing can still be a force for your business and it can definitely be used to attract leads and turn those leads into customers. However, to get these benefits from social media, businesses need to be smart about how they use it. Yes, social media is cheaper than other types of marketing but without an effective strategy it could be costing you valuable business hours. To make social media marketing relevant and effective – you need an effective social media marketing strategy.

How to Make an Effective Social Media Strategy?

Any social media marketing campaign has to be meticulously considered. It is too easy for uninformed businesses to throw out a heap of posts that do not engage their market. Content needs to be carefully considered, researched and posted at the right times and at the right frequency. Without these considerations, your business will be getting a big thumbs down from your audience.

Content also needs to have a purpose. Every post, picture or video needs to have an underlying message and a call-to-action for its intended audience. These may include links to products, services or a website. This may seem straight forward, but every move needs to be researched. To ensure your social media strategy is going to offer a solid ROI (time and money!), you will need to speak to social media marketing experts.

Get Help with Your Social Media Marketing

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